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Gloucester Wood Recycling
• Diverts wood from landfill (we are also part of Wiltshire Wood Recycling and members of the National Community Wood Recycling Project) and is a 'Not for profit' community organisation.
• Sells quality wood and bespoke hand made items at affordable prices to trade and to the public
• Provides volunteering + training opportunities
Our clients:
• Commercial users of wood
• Domestic users of wood
• Commercial producers of timber wood
Gloucester Wood Recycling is your economic and environmental alternative to:
• Skips
• Builders merchants
• DIY Superstores
  1. Wheelie bin store
    Wheelie bin store
  2. Our products
    Our products
  3. Log store
    Log store
  4. Wood collection vehicle
    Wood collection vehicle
We are the environmental and economic alternative to the skip 
Why we do what we do and how we do it
 Gloucester wood recycling
• Collect waste wood from construction, joinery and other businesses at a fee below that of conventional skip hire (Our fees are currently from £14.50 per cubic yard)
• We then grade the wood and sell the grade 1 wood
• We manufacture and sell quality wood products
• We sell kindling and firewood
• Poorer quality wood will be sent for chipping or manufacture into chip board
•None of the wood waste collected goes to landfill.
Services we offer include recycling of Card, Plastics, Scrap etc, call for details.
We also carry out clearance work, fly-tipping removal and installations of our products.  We are fully licensed waste carriers and fully insured. 
Why recycle wood:

• Only 10% of the estimated 9 million tonnes of waste wood is recycled (WRAP)
• A vast quantity of wood can be saved from landfill thereby extending the life of current sites and delaying the opening of new sites.
• We can reduce the volume of imported wood, energy use and costs
Our Products and Services

We are the environmental and economic alternative to the conventional skip and offer a low cost collection service of all wood waste from your site.
( Wood is not the only product we recycle, contact us for details).

 We collect from many sources including construction sites, schools, houses, industrial units and shops.

 We take all wood including pallets (whole or broken), chipboard ,MDF and wood based materials.

The  manufacturing and construction industries are now at the forefront of sustainable working. Many firms now have strict recycling and environmental targets and we can help you to meet them. We can provide comprehensive reports on what happens to the waste we collect and the people we assist and can feed into a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility reports – helping them to evaluate and mitigate the social impacts of their operations.
By engaging with us you can help “tick all the boxes” and make a real difference.
Most of our items are built to the Customers requirements, please contact us if you have something in mind.
We manufacture a range of products which include:
Compost bins
Wheelie Bin stores
Mud Play Kitchens
Garden Furniture
Animal Housing
Fruit/vegetable trays
Seasoned Logs 25kg Sacks £7.00
Firewood  20kg sacks £4.00,
Kindling nets £2.95
Briquettes 20kg bag £9.50
Have a look at some of our other items we have for sale in our ebay store:

Volunteers + Vacancies
Volunteers + Vacancies
Gloucester Wood Recycling offer volunteer opportunities and work placements for individuals including:
- anyone who wants to contribute to the continuation and growth of our project.
- the long term unemployed,
- those in rehabilitation,
- community payback,
- other ‘socially marginalised’ groups.
Help is always appreciated – no experience or particular skills are needed, and we are grateful for as much or as little time as you can spare.
To get involved contact us.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.